Ride-On Trowel Racks

You made a large investment in your Ride-on Trowel, so why not protect it?  Your trowel is an important asset and you need it working on-the-job, not down for costly repairs and maintenance due to damaged blades, arms or even worse.

SoftRide racks protect your ride-on trowels so they do not get damaged – on the job, in transport or in the yard or warehouse.  By storing the unit on four sturdy upright channels of the rack, the entire unit including the trowel arms and blades are suspended.  The trowel is fully protected.  No part of the trowel is touching the bottom of the rack.  There is no more risk of arm or blade damage and misalignment.  Annual maintenance cost savings can average over $1200 per ride-on trowel.

With SoftRide racks, trowels are easy to transport and store, saving thousands in time and labor.  Fork pockets built into each rack are a standard 30 inches on center, making sure time is not wasted moving forks back and forth.  SoftRide racks cut load and unload time in half using only one crew member, not two!   Use the forklift to store your ride-on trowels on vertical warehouse racks too, making transport fast and reducing floor space for storage.  Mobilization savings of over $4500 per year can be expected when you utilize SoftRide racks for your ride-on trowels!

Our racks are built to last and are made to fit most ride-on trowels.  Made of heavy gauge rolled steel, SoftRide racks hold up to rugged construction environments and rough handling.    Order your ride-on SoftRide racks from the list below, selecting the correct model number based on your trowel size.

You’ve made the big investment.  Now protect that investment for many years with a SoftRide rack!  The price of a SoftRide ride-on trowel rack will be paid back in less than one year based on the savings you can achieve.

Ride On Trowel Racks
Fits Ride On Trowels                                       
ROE43  38” to  42” wide to 88" long
ROE52  46" - 50" wide to 98" long
ROE56  49.75" - 55 wide to 108" long

Super Series
Ride On Trowel Racks
Fits Ride On Trowels
ROS43  38" - 42" wide to 88" long (special order)  
ROS52  46" - 50" wide to 98" long
ROS56  49.75" - 55" wide to 108" long
Super Series
Rack Options          
ROS-CP              6" swivel caster & quick connect plate      
ROS-MP           16" maintenance pedestal              

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