Walk-behind Trowel Racks

You depend on your walk-behind trowels every day.  Do you protect them as an important asset should be protected?  With SoftRide racks, you can protect your trowel assets, be more efficient and deliver cost savings to your bottom line.

Your racks no longer have to be stored on wooden pallets or gravel yards, damaging arms and blades.  Built tough with heavy gauge steel, SoftRide racks suspend your walk-behind trowels in four upright channels.  Transport them easily with integrated fork pockets set a standard 30” on center for every SoftRide rack.  Save time and labor each day as loading and unloading time will be cut by hours as well as using a one-man crew for all transporting on SoftRide racks.

Annual maintenance and repair costs will be significantly reduced by an estimated $500 based on traditional parts replacement and repair costs. Your walk-behind trowel will be on the job, ready to work every day.  And when it’s not on the job, you can store the trowel and SoftRide rack vertically in warehouse pallet racks, allowing easy access for loading/unloading and efficient use of floor space.

SoftRide racks are built to last and are reasonably priced, delivering an estimated payback of less than one year.   Several sizes are available to handle most makes and models of walk-behind trowels.  Order your new SoftRide rack today and add efficiency and savings to your operation!

Walk Behind Trowels Racks
Fits Walk Behind Trowels
WBE46 46" in diameter
WBE48 48" in diameter


46" in diameter, caster plate option

(special order)



48" in diameter, caster plate option

(special order)

Walk Behind
Rack Options
 WBE-CP  6" swivel caster and quick connect plate

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