Early Entry Concrete Saw Racks

If you are like most contractors, you are frustrated with the costly repairs associated with transporting and storing early entry saws.  This is why we designed and built the SoftRide Rack!

Your saws will not get damaged and will cut straight and accurately if you store and transport your concrete saw on our rugged SoftRide rack!  Move the saw on and off the rack with the easy-store ramp. Secure strapping keeps the saw-head protected from damage and mis-alignment.  The saw blade stays on the unit and is protected by a special padded slot in the rack.  Our saw racks are fully padded to absorb shock during transportation and ensure rubber wheels stay round with no flat spots.

We offer two SoftRide saw racks that are designed specifically for six models of Soff-Cut Early Entry Concrete Saws:

SoftRide Rack No. HSC100

Fits  Soff-Cut saw models:            Model 750                           Model 2000                        Model 2500

SoftRide Rack No. HSC200

Fits  Soff-Cut saw models:            Model 4000                        Model 4200                        Model 5000

Built with quality to withstand on-the-job demands, these racks are easy to transport and store, keeping your Soff-Cut saw fully protected from potential damage. Annual cost savings are nearly $1000 per year from normal repairs and replacement parts!  That’s a one year payback on the cost of the SoftRide saw rack!  Order your saw rack today to make your job easier and save money!

Early Entry Saw Racks
Fits Husqvarna Soff-Cut Saws
HSC100 Soff-Cut Model 750, 2000, 2500
HSC200 Soff-Cut Model 4000, 4200, 5000

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