About SoftRide

Experience matters.  So does solving problems and saving money.  That’s how SoftRide racks were created.

With over 30 years experience in concrete construction,  Marriott Construction, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin,  built many carriers to protect their early entry saws and large and small trowels from damage due to high repair cost from transporting units to and from the job site.  Not only did these racks save thousands in repair and maintenance costs, but also cut equipment load/unload time by many hours.   Another great advantage to the new racks was the ability to stack the concrete equipment in vertical racks vs. spread across the yard or warehouse floor.

Other concrete contractors, seeing the racks in action on the job, were very impressed.   If Marriott Construction got this much value from the new racks, so would every other concrete contractor and equipment owner too!  SoftRide racks were born.

Designed by experts in concrete who know what matters on the job, SoftRide racks add value to the bottom line.